Balkantina Gourmet Shop, the first place of this kind in Sarajevo, offers a unique selection of delicacies to satisfy anyone’s tastebuds. From cold-pressed olive oil and superb wines to fine cheeses and deli meats, in Balkantina you will also find traditional spirits and homemade eco jams. Whenever you visit us, you can enjoy a complimentary tasting of the products in-store - the definite favorite of our customers is the truffle cheese and a glass of Žilavka.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is all around wealthy with resources that allow the local people to grow most of their foods from fruits and vegetables, to animal products, and even condiments. Inspired by this, Balkantina Gourmet Shop became a place where small family and farm businesses can display their products and by extension bring attention, to visitors and locals alike, about the richness of the BH cuisine.

All of the products are made by artisans in small batches, from the finest local and organic ingredients. Behind each product is a unique and interesting origin story which, given their quality, makes them award-worthy. In fact, many of our products such as olive oil, wines, and cheese have been awarded across regional and international competitions. 

At Balkantina Gourmet Shop you will also find perfect gift bundles so you can bring a taste of the Balkans back home to your friends and relatives! Additionally, upon request, we offer free delivery of purchased gifts to your accommodation within the Sarajevo area. 

Balkantina Gourmet Shop is located at Pehlivanuša 5, behind the Scared Heart Cathedral - the most central part of Sarajevo. The working hours are 10 am - 8 pm, Monday through Saturday.

See you soon!