It is our great pleasure to invite you to our unique „Bosnian gastro fest“ in the royal city of Bobovac which will be held on Saturday 23th of June starting at 10.00h.

Feel the Bosnian tradition and customs at „Bosnian gastro fest“ event! Together we can bring back the forgotten shine of the royal city of Bobovac!

Culture and food? That's what it's all about really, the aim of this foodie festival is to combine food with Bosnian medieval culture and history. Visitors will be given the chance to appreciate that the gastronomy of the royal city Bobovac is as much of an attraction as anything more tangible.

Prepare to taste a wide range of culinary effort, from traditional Bosnian food influenced centuries-old cultures.

The event is categorized into parts as follows:

  • Gastro - Historical presentation
  • Degustation of traditional and authentic Bosnian meals and beverages prepared by local communities
  • Culinary competition in preparing traditional sweet delights
  • Competition in old traditional games and disciplines such as archery and rope pulling

Location: Royal City Bobovac

Date: Saturday 23th of June

Time: 10.00h

For more info and detail check our FB page Bosanski Gastro Fest or event.

Note:  Balkantina can organize transport for you from Sarajevo to Bobovac (and back) if you contact us on info@balkantina.ba prior to 10th of June to make a reservation.

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Bosanski Gastro Fest
Bosanski Gastro Fest
Bosanski Gastro Fest
Bosanski Gastro Fest
Bosanski Gastro Fest
Bosanski Gastro Fest
Bosanski Gastro Fest

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