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Sephardic Cuisine Nights in Sarajevo

The Bosnian Sephardic Cuisine is a latest attempt to preserve traditional Bosnian Sephardic Cuisine, to transfer it to the new generations, and to present to the world all its values, peculiarity, and originality.
Sephardic cuisine is a treasure full of live, classic seasonal recipes and healthy foods which includes the use of fresh fruits and vegetables; grains and beans, small portions of meat, poultry, and fish, and the healthy mix of herbs and spices. It is also a story about how Jewish cooks successfully carried local ingredients, techniques, and traditions in their new homeland and preserved in their cuisines. All this was preserved with gratitude to, exceptional women, nonnas (grandmothers) and great-grandmothers, which preserved and passed on this tradition jealously to their daughters and grandchildren. A Sephardic woman adopted Bosnian cuisine and it has become a component of traditional Sephardic cuisine. So we can find here a typical Bosnian dish Japrak which in Sephardic cuisine receives only Spanish word ending known as Japrakis. Similarly, Bosnian Halwa with only small (recipe) changes enters Sephardic cuisine and is known as Hanukkah Halwa.
Judeo-Spanish traditions, to use it and mix it with local – Bosnian tradition by adding each time something from their rich tradition, creating in such a way completely a new autochthonous cuisine of Bosnian Sephardic Jews.

Price and availability

Availability: a whole year
Price: 40 Eur per person for group min. 4 people

* Tour is available on request for a group of minimum 4 persons.


Sarajevo Jewish Heritage - Sephardic Dinner