Balkantina is the unique gastro-cultural agency and tour operator launched in 2016 in Sarajevo by the small team of foodies that wanted to reveal and share the hidden culinary and cultural treasures in the off-the-beaten-path areas of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the whole Balkan region. There is one thing we are the most passionate about, and which every person needs on holiday: food! Besides learning about the history, culture, architecture during our events, city tours, day trips and multi-country trips we at Balkantina designed the offerings to let our guests taste local gastronomy and learn how to cook local dishes.

We love to help both area residents and visitors discover not only the rich gastronomic culture but the fascinating stories that make this area so special. Stunning local produce and specialized small scale (family) businesses are our pillars, as are traditional recipes and modern fusions- a real reflection of our heritage and community.

Slow food and tourism is something we support with all our heart because it’s the best way to savour everything a destination has to offer. Our experiences are in small groups, guided by enthusiastic local guides (foodies) who believe that the local gastronomy is an important part of the city’s history and its lifestyle.

Eat, explore enjoy like a local with Balkantina!